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YX140 Engine - TB Edition - V2 Head

Here at Parker Racing HQ we have made it posible for customers to now build their own YX140 engine using TB Parts components to their own specification. We build all these in house here in the UK.


You the customer can select a wide range of TB Parts to add to your engine and a total value price will be calculated in the checkout.


SPEC - TB Edition - V2 Head:

  • Here we have a YX140 engine with a TB Performance V2 Cylinder head kit with a roller rocker race performance camshaft with oversized intake valve.
  • Choice between a 56mm TB High Compression Piston Kit or a 57mm TB Big Bore Kit (145cc)
  • A thick head gasket is used when using a V2 Head.
  • Fitted with standard lightweight 520g flywheel kit- 3 wires (No lighting circuit, electrics sold seperatly) 


Optional Extras:

  • Manifold - Choice of stock manifold or TB manifolds to port match the TB V2 head.
  • Clutch Springs - Choice to upgrade to prevent clutch slip if power is increased.
  • Cooler Plate - Choice to fit a CNC cooler plate to the cylinder head which will allow you to attach oil cooler hoses. Please note these are a special fitment hose. If not sellected the engine will not be able to run an oil cooler.


Please Note:

  • These engines are built to your own specification, therefore they will be no returns or warrentee availible on this product. However we will gladly assist where possible if an issue was to occur.
  • Parts that are removed to build your engine will remain property of Parker Racing & will not be shipped to you.
  • Customer must not use a thin head gasket with a V2 head kit.


Item Includes (refer to item picture):

  • 1x YX140 Engine Complete to specification shown.
  • 1x Standard Manifold and Fittings
  • 1x Kickstart Lever
  • 1x Gear Lever

YX140 Engine - TB Edition - V2 Head

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