Pit Bike Racing Bolt Pack


This kit is a handy pack to have in your tool box at race meetings. It could save you time and money.

Item Includes:

- Plastic container
- Engine mounting bolt set

- 15mm Axle Nut
- Lockwire
- Sump plug (Colour may vary)
- Disk bolt set
- Sprocket hex bolt set
- Sprocket counter sunk bolt set
- M6 nylock nuts
- Exhaust locking nuts
- M6 washers
- M8 washers
- Flywheel back plate bolt set
- Front sprocket bolt set (Pit Bike)
- Fairing bolts
- Exhaust gasket
- M8 cap bolts (foot peg bar)
- M8 nylock nuts
- M8 spring washers
- Handguard crash bobbin bolts
- M6 Cap bolts (selection)

- Tie Wraps



Pit Bike Racing Bolt Pack