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Exhaust Can Pro Core T1.2

Universal Exhaust Can.



  • 38mm Fitting (Inner Diameter)
  • Overall Length - 300mm
  • Removable Race Baffle.


Optional Extra:

  • 2021 PKR Exhaust protector strap. "Our new PKR exhaust protectors are the latest design on the market which is a hard heat resistant plastic. Inside in plastic molding is a heat resistant rubber mold that grips to the can on application. Kit comes complete with fixed jubilee clip design, heat resistant pad and rubber protector."
  • Availible in Black or Red, see photos for example.

Item Includes:

  • 1x Exhaust Can
  • 1x Fitting Kit



  • Please meassure your outside diameter of your exhaust pipe which would slide inside this can before purchasing to ensure it will fit.


Exhaust Can Pro Core T1.2

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