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EVR Pit Bike Slipper Clutch


The CTS (Control Torque System) is designed and built entirely in Italy with materials and treatments of the highest quality that represents the best of technology. It is equipped with a mechanism designed to improve the feeling in sports driving.

In the starting phase, the CTS behaves: releasing the clutch lever with the clutch engaged, the preassure plate under the preassure of the springs, presses on the clutch plates bringing them into contact to allow the transmission of torque from the engine to the rear wheel.


In the use of the motorcycle on the track. to face a curve, the pilot in search of the best performance, he closes the gas and rapidly decreases the speed, using the brakes and quickly reducing the gears.


This effect creates the reversal of the transmitted torque. In the practice, the inertia of the driving wheel pushes the engine upwards, sometimes causing serious problems, or causes the tyre to loose grip, making the driving unsafe and dangerous. In this phase the automatic mechanism inserted in the clutch, favours the slippage between the disks until the speeds are equalized. When the target is reached, the clutch returns to the initial position.


The CTS will help you drive your motorcycle safely, improve performance with maximum enjoyment and safeguard engine reliability.


Pit Bike Engine Fitment Guide:


We have serveral different kits availible to different pit bike engines. It is the customers responsibility to check they are purchasing the correct kit for their engine.


  •  YX140/160 5 Plate Clutch - Plate Pack Thickness = 19mm
  •  Z155/Z190 6 Plate Clutch - Plate Pack Thickness = 23mm
  •  Daytona 190 Clutch - Plate Pack Thickness = 25.5mm


When purchasing the kit, upon instalation you must use your original basket, clutch plates & springs which must be in good condition.

Item Includes

  • 1x Slipper Clutch Kit




EVR Pit Bike Slipper Clutch

£499.99 Regular Price
£449.99Sale Price
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