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Daytona Starter Chain Upgrade D.I.D - 66L


Upgraded quality chain made by D.I.D Japan


Used on electric start engines.

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Fits Daytona Engines:

  • Daytona Engines - With Starter Motors
  • ZS190


Item Contains:

  •  1x Starter Motor Chain D.I.D (89522)



  • Starter chains do not snap because of the quality, they snap because there is an underlaying issue elsewhere. This is usually tickover speed is set too high causing kickback in the engine which overtime will snap the chain will snap. 
  • If you buy a chain because your old one has snapped, and then your new one snaps dont try claiming warentee as it is clearly not the chain at fault!

Daytona Starter Chain Upgrade D.I.D - 66L

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