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Daytona CDI - Adjustable


CDI has adjustable ignition timing and also adjustable rev limiter.


Fits Daytona Engines:

  • DT190SYH
  • DT190SYL
  • DT190FDX
  • DT190FLX
  • DT160FDX
  • DT150FDX
  • DT190FX5
  • DT190SGH
  • DT190SZ


Please Note:

  • Only benifitial to use with larger Daytona flywheel ignition kits. Not to use with small Daytona ignition.
  • Instructions on our Daytona data page.
  • Adjust at own risk, damage may occur.


Item Includes:

  • 1x Daytona CDI - Adjustable (87349)


Daytona CDI - Adjustable

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