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CRF150R Full Rebuild Kit

Complete engine rebuild kit designed by HOTRODS & VERTEX


The kit includes high quality parts needed to carry out an engine refresh.


Picture for demo only and not of exact parts.


This kit includes:

  • Vertex STD Piston 65.98 Size B Piston Kit
  • Vertex Full Gasket Set - Includes - (All Gaskets,O-Rings, Valve Stem Oil Seals & Exhaust Gasket)
  • Vertex Timing Chain
  • Vertex Full Engine Oil Seal Set 
  • Hot Rods Waterpump Service Kit - Includes - (Bearings, Seals & O-ring)
  • Hot Rods Crankshaft Bearing Kit - Includes - (Oil Seals)
  • Hot Rods Transmission Bearing Kit - Includes - (4x Gearbox Bearings, 2x Shift Drum Bearings, 1x Sprocket Clip)
  • Hot Rods Crankshaft - Standard Type


Please NOTE - Rocket cover seal & rocker cover bolt seals not included.

CRF150R Full Rebuild Kit

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