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Bucci YX160 Racing Crankshaft CNC



  • YX160 Engine


CNC Manufactured in Italy 


This crankshaft is made from high quality materials and has the option to add hevey weights into the crank webs, this reduces vibrations and allows the engine to rev smoother.


Crankshaft comes fitted with aftermarket forged Bucci Conrod kit.


Please NOTE:

  • Must be fitted by a professional using the correct equipment to install crank bearings and timing gear.
  • Crankshaft Bearings Sold Seperatly.
  • Timing gear must be heated up befor installation, please note this is a sweat on fit so must be alligned correctly.


Item Contains:

  •  1x Bucci YX160 CNC Crankshaft
  •  1x Timing Gear 16T



Bucci YX160 Racing Crankshaft CNC

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