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Bucci F20 Overflow Tank


This part is designed and made by us in the UK out of light weight alluminium.


The overflow tank is designed to be used as part of the breather system which collects any oil that is blown out of the crank case breather pipe. It also houses a magnetic sump plug to allow easy access to drain. 


It is easy to fit and mounts under the frame on the 2x rear engine bolts. You then connect you existing breather pipe to one outlet and then it is advised to connect another breather pipe to the other outlet and route to your catch tray. 



  • Bucci F20SM 
  • Maybe other pitbikes.


Please Note:

  • You must not block the 2nd outlet port, this is required to flow to release built up crankcase gases.


Item Includes:

  • 1x Overflow Tank


Bucci F20 Overflow Tank

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