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Axle Chain Adjuster - QUICK CHANGE - Set


These quick change sets are fixed to your swingarm and do not drop out when removing the axle. This allows for quick wheel changes and fast chain adjustments.


To adjust the chain you simply loosen the axle nut then rotate the allen key bolt at the rear of the axle block.


These kits also come with paddock stand mounts which can be removed if not needed or you could replace the bobbins to nylon to use as crash protection.


Made From CNC Aluminium


To Suit 15mm Axels



  • Length = 98mm
  • Height = 34.5mm
  • Hole = 15mm
  • Axle Recess Hole = 26mm (see notes below)


Item Contains:

  • 2x Axle Blocks - RED


Please NOTE that some axle nut washer heads are 29mm therefore will not sit inside the counter sunk hole. You may need to grind washer down to fit.

Axle Chain Adjuster - QUICK CHANGE - Set

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