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Adelin Radial Master Cylinder - PX-1N


  • CNC Manufactured from high quality aluminium.
  • Has an adjustable reach lever.
  • Is designed to fit a variety of road motorcycles and is universal, also accomodating a wing mirror mounting point.
  • Can be used as a clutch master cylinder or a brake master cylinder, parts can be rotated round so you can mount on the left or the right.


Product Spec:

  • Bar Mounting Diameter = 22mm
  • Full Product Length = 212mm
  • Full Product Width = 110mm
  • Lever Length To Pivot = 158mm
  • Lever Reach Max = Nipple Part = 145mm
  • Lever Reach Max = Finger Bar = 57mm
  • Lever Reach Min = Nipple Part = 99mm
  • Lever Reach Min= Finger Bar = 42mm
  • Resivoir Bolt = 6mm
  • Banjo Fitting = 10mm (M10X1.25)
  • Piston Size = 17.5mm x 18mm or 14mm x 18mm
  • Colour = Grey With Black Lever
  • Model Number = PX-1N


Item comes with display box.


NEW FOR 2022:

  • Kit now comes with a brake pressure switch, please see photos.


Item Includes:

  • 1x Adelin Radial Brake Master Cylinder / Hydraulic Clutch
  • 1x Resivoir & Bracket


Please Note:

  • Product is universal to most motorcycles, if fitting to a racing pit bike please check dimensions shown as you may need to fit a spacer to widen your hand guards. Can be used as a brake or clutch master cylinder as parts are moveable if needed.

Adelin Radial Master Cylinder - PX-1N

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