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YX160 Cylinder Head Kit


Complete YX160 Cylinder head kit with all internal parts & covers.



  • YX150 - Type 1 (With same head)
  • YX160
  • Z155 (If fitting to Z155 then you will need a YX Manifold kit as the casting angle is different & you must use your origional z155 cam sprocket)

Please Note:

  • Not the same as a Z155 Cylinder Head
  • Gaskets NOT included.
  • Valve clearences will need to be adjusted and set before installation. Must be installed by a professional. If damage is to occur this will be due to incorrect installation.
  • All Castings have little holes in them around the head, these are drain holes for water.
  • Photos of head will be sent to you before dispatch as proof the item was undamaged, we have had customers in the past assemble the part incorretly, caused damaged and try to return as unused.

Item Includes:

  • Cylinder head
  • Inlet and exhaust valves fitted
  • Standard Camshaft Fitted
  • Camshaft and tappet covers.
  • Rocker Arms, Pins & Adjusters
  • Camshaft Sprocket (32T)  & Bolts


YX160 Cylinder Head Kit

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