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Parker Racing yx140 Type R Edition Engine

The Type R engine is unique to our company. We take a standard engine and rebuild it to a higher Standard which we believe will improve the lifespan of the engine.


All the work carried out on these engines are within the Stock 140 Rules and Regulations in the BMB Championship.


We advise to run our engines with a Genuine VM26 Mikuni Carb and also for best performance to be set up on a dyno as the flywheel is adjustable.

Type R Edition yx140 Engine Specification:

• Fully Rebuilt engine in house to our specs & tolerances

• Gearbox float and shimming checked, upgraded bearings fitted & uprated shift forks

• Fully Adjustable flywheel & digital ignition system with advancing map ECU.

• Crankshaft tolerances checked within 0.005 for truing and with uprated steel oil spinner

• Cylinder head rebuilt correctly and with z40.

• Parker Racing ignition cover

• Red CNC Valve covers

• Gearbox selector shaft CNC Support Unit

• Upgraded DID Cam Chain & Tensioner

• SS Bolt Upgrade

• Aluminum Gear Lever (COLOR MAY VARY)

• Upgraded valve Stem Oil Seals

• Putoline Oil DX4

• Magnetic Sump Plug

• Z40 Cam & Springs

• Mikuni Push Fit Adapter

• 1M Long Breather Hose (COLOR MAY VARY)

• Exhaust Gasket

• Sprinkle of Parker Racing Magic (Let your imagination run wild)


You also get the following:

• 30 days parts warrantee

• 1x free labor cost refresh (within 12 month) and parts at 20% discount

YX140 Type R Compertition Engine Package 1

Out of Stock
  • Warranty & Aftercare

    We take pride in our work and also our customers therefore our engines come security sealed.

    This enables us to warrant our work that has been carried out if anything was to go wrong.

    We also offer 1 free engine dismantle and inspection service. So for example if you wish to carry out a refresh during the race season then our labour is free and you the customer would pay for parts.


    Terms & Conditions

    • If the security seal has been broken then any warranty and aftercare is void
    • 30 day parts warranty is given with the engine from date of sale
    • 1 free engine dismantle and inspection labour service with parts at discount of 20%. This is valid for 12 month from date of sale. When engine is dismantled & repair quote given the engine will be required to be rebuilt to the original spec of the type r and to a high standard. If further parts are wanted by the customer outside the original spec then the parts discount will not be applied for these parts.
    • Buyer is responsible for regular oil changes and Valve Clearance adjustment
    • General wear and tear is not covered such as piston wear, clutch wear, shift drum fork wear.
    • If the engine was to be dismantled at a race meeting for technical inspection then it shall be done and resealed by myself only.
    • Please remember that these are still cheap Chinese engines which don’t last for ever, the work we carry out on the Type R engines is to help improve the quality and life span of the engine.
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