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YX140 Race Head Casting

This cylinder head casting has not had the combustion chamber lip machined out therefore creating a higher compression ratio which will raise the BHP level. 


A standard cylinder head casing has a piston clearance seat of around 1.5mm machined out where our new race head has a minor angled edge instead. 


We have tested this new casting in 2021 which showed great results.


Please Note:

  • Only to be used with a standard piston 56mm.
  • Can Be used with Z40 camshaft but no other camshaft with a higher lift of 7mm can be used.
  • Must only be used with standard cylinder head gasket of 1.5mm.
  • Valve Guides Fitted.
  • This is a bare casting with no internal parts or covers.
  • You will need to change the small camshaft bearing to a 32mm - OPTIONAL EXTRA



  • Don't not use with thin 0.5mm race head gasket - valve to piston contact will occur.
  • Do not use with High Compression piston or bigger than 56mm.
  • Customer to use at own risk and understands the risk of damage may occur when upgrading from standard OEM parts.


Item Includes (refer to item picture):

  • 1x YX140 Race Head Casting

YX140 Race Head Casting

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